Services Provided by Common Service Centers (CSCs)

By | February 5, 2019

CSC is eGovernance schemes that provide services like Government to Consumer (G2C), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) in India. The Service centers are made available in various place in every district in the country. There are various services provided by Common Service Centers to the people of India. Let’s know list of services offered by centers.

Services provided by Common Service Centers

1. Government to Consumer (G2C)

Services that are provided directly by Government to Consumer are Forms Download and Submission, Birth/ Death Certificate, Passport , Licenses, Property Tax and Registration, Bus Pass, Railway Ticket, Permit & Subsidies.

There are more service which consumer can get there are Insurance Services, e-Nagrik, e- District Services, Pension Services, NIELIT Services, NIOS Registration, Apollo Telemedicine, Aadhar Enrollment, Electoral Services, PAN Card, e-Courts, State Electricity and Water Bill Collection Services and CyberGram.

2. Business to Consumer (B2C)

Services that are provided by Business to Consumer are IRCTC Ticket, Air Flight Ticket, Bus Ticket Services, Mobile Recharge, English Courses, eCommerce sales, eLearning & Agriculture Service etc.

3. Business to Business(B2B)

Services that are provided by Business to Business are BPO & Market Research.

4. Educational Services

Common Service Centers not only offers Government to Consumer (G2C), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) but also offers some kind of educational services. Some them are explained below.

Digital Literacy – It is information that is must needed in order to improve skill. So, Government provided this course that includes Computer Courses for Investor Awareness Programmes, ASHA and Anganwadi Workers and authorized Ration Card Holder, NABARD Financial Literacy Programme etc.

IGNOU Services – Just like any other college course, Government offered institution for people who couldn’t/can’t go to college for that particular course. You may have heard IGNOU ever before. So IGNOU is Institute that offers various courses for person who are willing to learn and educate themself by enrolling in their interested course.

NIOS Services – National Institute of Open School offers way for people to do secondary. The role of Common Services center in NIOS is to promote open schooling in rural areas, Exam Fees Payment and also helps in declaration of results of students who registered for secondary education.

NIELIT Services – It is also sub part of promotion of education work of which includes Online Examination Form submission, Online Registration/ Fee Collection and printing of examination.

Adult Literacy – It is ability to use a language for reading, writing, speaking, Listening and that is offered by TARA Akshar+

5. Financial Institutes

Government provides so many services for benefits of citizens of India that service also includes Financial Services like Insurance, Banking and Pension.

As most of you know more about Banking, Insurance and pension so we will not be wasting your time describing about how does this institute works and How does people get benefits from this institutes. So, let’s jump directly to another list of services offered by CSC.

6. Other Services

Government provides many services some of which we taking benefits from. Below are services list of apna csc.

Income Tax Filling– If you are income tax payer then you would know that CSC also has role in efiling income tax return. It has provided manual of same both in english and hindi for making it very easy to file income tax before missing deadline.

Agriculture – Agricultres are backbone for country so Government made some good plan for making it sure that production will not decrease but only increase by providing farmers subsidy and other euipement and fertilizers. Farmers needs to register themself for taking advantage of this services that help farmers recieves advices from experts about their crops, soil and weathers information.

Recruitment – Employment is also one of the important basic need of youth people for surviving. So there are some really great jobs that one can do and Notification which is sent by CSC for Recruitment in Indian Navy, Indian Army and Indian Air Force.

That’s CSC Services List. If you want to know more about List of services offered by Common Service Center than let us know below in comment.

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